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The Cal Claims


Callinex Mines' CAL claims are located in an area between Snow Lake and Thompson, Manitoba. An airborne electromagnetic survey in 1963 followed by ground EM and mag surveys during the years of 1964 - 1984 led to the discovery of this copper-nickel zone. Callinex began operation of the claims in 2001, using assessment files to determine where previous intercepts might indicate the existence of further mineralization.

Previous Work

Drilling completed in the 1960s indicated up to 0.9% nickel and 3.78% copper in sulphides hosted by peridotite. One drill hole intercepted 105 feet grading 0.9% combined copper and nickel in pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite. No testing was done for PGMs or cobalt, which are associated with phyrrotite and are sometimes present in sulphides that carry nickel values. The peridotite hosted nickel indicates that platinum group elements or cobalt may be present.

The assessment files obtained from the Manitoba government did not include a complete set of assays for the holes drilled by the previous operator.

2007 Program

An area of 432 by 366 meters has been indicated by magnetic anomalies to be an extension of the existing mineralization. This zone was the target of a 2007 drill program. The 5 hole drill program, totaling approximately 1,000 meters, has located several zones of massive sulphides exhibiting both chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite mineralization in variable concentrations.

The final hole of the 2007 drilling intersected an un-faulted area to the northwest of the magnetic anomaly. Callinex is interpreting this very encouraging development as an indication that a mineralized zone of higher sulphide concentration than the previously defined area could exist on the property.

Assays are below. The widths and grades encountered are very encouraging, and have re-affirmed the possibility of an open-pit style copper nickel project on the Cal Claims. The company will conduct metallurgical work to determine the recoverability of the material.

From (m) To (m) Width (m) Cu (%) Ni (%) Co (%)
Hole CT-1
8.10 36.00 27.90 0.590 0.174 0.020
166.40 173.80 7.40 1.194 0.280 0.034
Hole CT-2
24.70 47.25 22.55 0.526 0.128 0.017
Hole CT-3
103.05 113.40 10.35 0.582 0.218 0.027
Hole CT-4
90.94 97.17 6.23 0.669 0.162 0.021
146.10 163.70 17.60 0.847 0.152 0.019
158 163.7 5.70 1.100 0.171 0.022
Hole CT-5
9.40 123.33 113.93 0.338 0.161 0.003
9.40 33.00 23.60 0.532 0.173 0.020